Marine Stereo

Fusion Active Safe waterproof locker for your valuables

Active safe


Ever wondered what to do with your phone and keys while you explore the coast on your stand up paddle board? Why take unnecessary risks with your valuables on the water when you can store them inside the ACTIVESAFE.

Engineered to fit perfectly onto any FUSION Puck mounting solution, the ACTIVESAFE is a completely watertight and IPx7 rated water resistant storage case that FLOATS!

Available colours- Blue, Red and White

Trymax Price: $129


Fusion Stereo Active – World’s First Portable Watersport Stereo

StereoActive_Blue_Side-Perspective-246x164This isn’t just a standard Bluetooth speaker, this is an IPx7 rated, water resistant portable watersport stereo that FLOATS! Featuring a unique FUSION PUCK mounting system that enables you to securely mount the stereo to any tinnie, paddle board, kayak, canoe or even a spa !

Take to the water with your full catalogue of music and streaming services, including:

  • Bluetooth audio streaming, enabling you to stream any popular music service from a compatible Bluetooth enabled device
  • With the AM/FM radio tuner you can tune in your favorite hits, with two dedicated preset keys available for your favorite stations
  • Enjoy playback of MP3 media from a low profile USB flash drive whilst out on the water. A waterproof cavity is designed to provide secure housing of the USB inside the STEREOACTIVE
  • 12 unique voice prompts provide audio feedback when you engage with the STEREOACTIVE, keeping you informed and in control of your entertainment experience.
  • Up 20 hours battery life-supplied with 240 volt charger. 12 volt charger optional.
  • Available colours- Blue, Red or White

Trymax Price: $340

Fusion MS-UD750 marine stereo with Uni-dock Ipod/android dock

Fusion Ms-UD750 marine stereo with Uni-dock Ipod and android dock

Fusion Ms-UD750 marine stereo with Uni-dock Ipod and android dock

Introducing the world-class FUSION 750 Marine Entertainment Series, the pinnacle of marine audio engineering, which delivers unparalleled sound performance and media integration.

Featuring an internal UNI-Dock for charging, environmental protection and playback of the latest compatible Apple iOS, MTP Windows/Android and USB media devices, including Bluetooth audio streaming capabilities, support for advanced FUSION-Link connectivity, the FUSION 750 Marine Entertainment System is the next generation in the FUSION dynasty.

Trymax Price: $680.00

Fusion MS-RA205 marine stereo

Fusion MS-RA205

True marine MP3/AM/FM/VHF receiver.

  • Fully integrated iPod/iPhone user interface
  • USB connectivity – playback from portable flash drives
  • Powerful 50W x 4 (Max) Amplifier
  • IPx5 Waterproof rating on the front of the unit when flushmounted
  • Now with FusionLink


Trymax Price: $340.00