Fusion Stereo Active – World’s First Portable Watersport Stereo

StereoActive_Blue_Side-Perspective-246x164This isn’t just a standard Bluetooth speaker, this is an IPx7 rated, water resistant portable watersport stereo that FLOATS! Featuring a unique FUSION PUCK mounting system that enables you to securely mount the stereo to any tinnie, paddle board, kayak, canoe or even a spa !

Take to the water with your full catalogue of music and streaming services, including:

  • Bluetooth audio streaming, enabling you to stream any popular music service from a compatible Bluetooth enabled device
  • With the AM/FM radio tuner you can tune in your favorite hits, with two dedicated preset keys available for your favorite stations
  • Enjoy playback of MP3 media from a low profile USB flash drive whilst out on the water. A waterproof cavity is designed to provide secure housing of the USB inside the STEREOACTIVE
  • 12 unique voice prompts provide audio feedback when you engage with the STEREOACTIVE, keeping you informed and in control of your entertainment experience.
  • Up 20 hours battery life-supplied with 240 volt charger. 12 volt charger optional.
  • Available colours- Blue, Red or White

Trymax Price: $340