Raymarine Evolution EV100 Sail Tiller Drive Autopilot Pack including P70 control head.

Raymarine EV100 Sail Tiller Drive Pack

Raymarine EV100 Sail Tiller Drive Pack

The EV-100 Sail Tiller Drive autopilot system consists of the revolutionary EV-sensor core, the fully-sealed and compact ACU-100, a P70 control unit and Raymarine’s compact tiller drive. Designed for sail vessels up to 6000kg displacement, the tiller drive offers simple installation and great performance. The EV100 can be supplied without the P70 control head if you wish to control the autopilot from a compatible Raymarine MFD.

Trymax Price: $1995.00 including P70 Control Unit

Trymax Price: $1495.00 without P70 Control Unit

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